Monday, October 27, 2008

Coz I am badass like that

We'll beat Purdue this weekend. Definitely, I guarantee it. Guess it doesn't matter if it doesn't happen.

We'll beat Minny next weekend. Definitely, I guarantee it. Guess we'll be keeping the little brown jug a little longer.

We'll beat Northwestern the following week. I guarantee it. Guess I'll be watching from the stadium, and for the first time, I am going to wear my lucky gears from 2 years back, and make no mistake, it will help us win.

We'll beat Ohio State on Nov 22nd. I guarantee it, and sweatervest ain't got nothin' on me. Coz Thanksgiving only happens once a year, and this year it's going to be here in Michigan. RRod will be hailed as the savior of the program.

We'll go to a bowl game. And we'll beat whoever we're playing in the bowl game. And I guarantee it, coz I am badass like that.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

It's like visiting the dentist

If you've remembered the visit to the dentist clinic when you're a child, that's what this football season is reminding me of.

You're strapped helpless to the seat, jaw propped open and numbed (with low expectations), you somehow think to yourself it's not so bad, but when the tooth is pulled, it still hurts more than you can imagine. Then, you'll think that the dentist is the biggest villain the world has ever known, for it is built within you to hate whatever that hurts you. The dentist is RRod, and we're going to be decay free for the next 20 years. So sincerely, SHUT UP and go away.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Militant Atheism

Richard Dawkins once tried to promoted what he considered "Militant Atheism". It means having all the atheists to stand up and fight for what they believe, or in retrospect, in what they do not. According to him, it is the inherent inability to come out about their atheistic nature that causes a large decline in political power amongst atheists- that atheists are the one thing that the societies cannot accept.

Watch his talk on here

Then, in his book, The God Delusion, he also mentioned about the American Public's views into atheists holding public offices. Quote "
Being an atheist is still "the most discriminated-against characteristic of the eight tested in the research," according to the latest Gallup poll asking who people would vote for for U.S. President. Only 49 percent would vote for an atheist, while 59 percent would vote for a homosexual, 92 percent would vote for a black, and 95 percent would vote for a woman.

It is a sad truth, but nevertheless learning this insight about this unfounded hatred towards people with no religious affinity is somewhat enlightening. So, never tell your girlfriend's/boyfriend's parents you're an atheist, or consider your bridges burnt. So what about militant atheism again? It's a dream that will gain very few support, even from the atheists that holds their beliefs the truest. Nevertheless this is a cause and effect game. To think that we're discriminated against by more than half the population on this continent...

Saturday, October 18, 2008

It doesn't matter,

We still own Penn State

It is like those times, when you're down with a bad cold, and your good friend who never EVER beats you in basketball drags you out for a game. He beats you badly, because you couldn't move a muscle. At the end of the day, you know you'll be better eventually, and hand their asses back to them.

Yes. We'll remember this, and next year we'll beat you by 40.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What to think of it?

Read this post on MGOBLOG.

And then decide what to think of it. Probability (And Public Opinion) says we're most likely going to end up 4-8 or worse. Not going to a bowl game, and breaking our winning season streak.

But I beg to differ, the court of public opinion does not account for coaching changes, team match-ups, and generally fluke in a sense. What I say is that there might be a click in the team somewhere between the Penn State Game and Michigan State game that changes the team dramatically, or maybe Rich Rod would pull out his wizard hat and his magic playbook and start making drastic changes to fix up the offense?

But in any case, we need to brace ourselves for the worst. What if we end up 2-10? What if we'll never go to a bowl game for the next 5 years? Will all of you still stick around till then? Suddenly, we are in real danger of feeling like a Notre Dame fan.

Michigan fans are too used to the winning ways. We got to believe in this time of uncertainty, that sometimes a change is needed in order to survive in the college football world.

But M is not ND. We don't extend our coaches contract on an "Almost" win against USC. We'll make the changes necessary, and it'll be a matter of time till Michigan football is back.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Insider: U - Michigan Biochemistry Department to develop anti viral vaccine.

Ann Arbor, MI- According to an insider at the U-M Biochemical research lab, U-M is currently developing an antiviral vaccine in light of coming events. U-M is slated to have an expedition squad into State College this Saturday. State College, home to the Pennsylvania State University, is a city infested with the T-virus, where victims of the horrid disease randomly attacks living human beings, and in the process transmit the disease to them.

Heavily geared and armed with rifles, grenades, and a lot of medipacks, the squad will attempt to remove any traces of the T-virus, amidst screams of "NOOOO!!!", "BRAAAINNNS!!", and "COME TO PENN STHAAATEE!"

T-virus is believed to have originated from Joe "Zombie King" Paterno and the virus quickly transmitted campus wide. The epidemic is quickly going out of control, and is believed to have escalated since it was first discovered 12 years ago. Each year, the U-M squad will attempt to suppress the crisis by obliterating any victims of the disease. For 12 years now, the Michigan squad has accomplished the mission, although not without close calls, as Michigan learned with a last second turn around in 2005.

Outlook for this years squad is bleak, as the T-virus has mutated significantly, with their new "Spread HD" which stands for Spread High Definition, meaning no human will be spared. Will the Zombie King finally reign control over humanity? Or will the Michigan squad emerge victorious, again? Only time will tell.

forgive me Father for I have sinned

I have wronged You, and I have come to pay penance.

I have called Utah a mormon state, and for hating polygamists.
I have made fun of Charlie Weis's diet one time too many, and have decided his 10 year contract 10 years too long.
I have called Illinois the Big Ten doormat, where real Big Ten teams rub their toes all over them before going stepping through the door.
I have called Toledo rockets that flew nowhere, and decided against watching it.

And then,

I have called Joe "the Zombie" Paterno futile against Michigan after more than a decade long of losing streak.
I have repeatedly called State our little brother when we clearly aren't (real) siblings, because we would never let our little brother pack our groceries.
I have refused to admit to using snake-oil and wizardry to lure players from under Joe "diabeetus" Tiller's nose, although we really only needed to extend an offer to any of their recruits to get them to come.
I have repeatedly accused Minnesota for stealing our Jug, although it belongs to us because we did buy it, nevertheless I shall henceforth refer to it as borrowing without permission.
I have made fun of Northwestern for being Northwestern.
Last but not least, I made the attempt to foil the criminal mastermind Jim Tressel of his acts, and (insert Maurice Clarette joke here).

I beg of you, I have come to repent my sins. And I want my season back. Now.


The end is nigh...

1) End to Michigan's bowl streak
2) End to Michigan winning-record season streak
3) End to Michigan dominance over PSU (11 year streak)

Then end is unto us
1) Complete dominance and undefeated record against an MAC team

Thursday, October 09, 2008

My New Recipe

Butter Tofu with Soy Sauce is a failure.

On the other hand, I have perfected my ultimate casserole recipe. But not going to share it with you ingrates. Hmmph.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Some point in time...

Some time before the Notre Dame game last year, I made myself a promise that I am not going to make fun of Duke football if we got out of a 0-3 hole. In many levels I have kept that promise, but regardless, please read this article.

Similar to some people's indignant refusal to make fun of the physically disabled, mentally challenged, and Charlie Weis, I have also started to understand the pain and the unfair treatment of some more prominent characters, like Sarah Palin. Well, in her defense I knew a lot more about her, due to the media coverages on her, mainly due to her being unpolished. And many people mistake that a leader's trait is to be a charismatic talker, instead of being able to make good decisions during crunch time. Hell, Ellen Degeneres is a great speaker that conveys her points clearly, and could be politically correct and charismatic if she so wish to be, but will she make a good president?

So, if like many fanboys, you'd break someone down with slippery slopes, red herrings and generally degenerative comments, it doesn't make you any more right or your subject any more wrong. So, voter should take care to understand what Sarah Palin would really represent, than to listen to the media bullshit.

K, I am not a fan of hers, but just to point out that there is a lot more to politics than smooth talking.

Anyway my rant somehow traversed across sports to politics, but I want to point this out: Charlie Weis is still fat, and Notre Dame still sucks, and Corwin Brown is a U-M mole.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

The stretch ahead.

We need 4 more wins to be eligible. Even if we beat Toledo, we still need at least 3, from Penn State, Michigan State, Purdue, Minnesota, Northwestern, and Ohio State.

Seeing how Penn State has been destroying everyone, Michigan State has been in the spotlight instead of us, and Purdue (senior laden squad) and awkwardly, Minny is 5-1 and Northwestern is still undefeated, really mixes things up.

It's going to be a mess up ahead, and we cannot afford to keep dreaming in our honeymoon mode. Practice time is getting short, and if we have not already done so, we should be flooring the gas pedal.

Holy Cow

Just came back from a game. There's this d-bag near our seats in the stadium that thinks he's better than the coaches. "Oh it's so unpredictable, it's like Lloyd Carr all over again", "Freaking hell, just throw the damn ball on 1st down", "OMG I'm so stupid, some one, please, kick my ass, I am an asshole, and an idiot at it.", "Dude, I want Jon Tenuta, TANOOTAH, as our DC". Please, one of the quotes above, I've just made up. And for his sake I hope it was the last, but seriously, why, WHY would anyone, ANYONE, want someone from ND to replace our HRG DC.

Please. I know we lost today, but I am still in awe.

I can't believe we beat Wisconsin. Holy Cow

Friday, October 03, 2008

Face the Zooker

When you wear a team's color without knowing why you are giving them support, you show something about yourself. Treacherous, and self-aggrandizing, as though being a "maverick" would make you cool, or acceptable. But no, you're being stupid, by giving up everything you've known and pissing off a lot of people around you, you're just being a asshole. Yes, you're an asshole for the reason of being an idiot. You know who I am referring too. Now, I can get my readership back down to 1 person, - myself.

I still can't believe we beat the badgers. I need to get over it quick.

GO BLUE! Beat Illinois, beat them Illini. Beat them! WAAAAAARRGGGHHHHHH

Thursday, October 02, 2008


When I was younger, and was in elementary school, secondary school, I didn't accomplish a lot of things that I would reflect upon and be proud. My grades weren't bad, but regardless it was something I didn't spend a lot of energy and effort into. My life revolved around going to school, going home, playing around with some stuff, watch TV, go tuition and sleep. When I did engage in activities outside of school, like Taekwondo, Chess, Tennis, I didn't bother seeing them through. In some sense, I was a quitter, but in my defense no one has ever taught me not to quit. Everyone condoned it, and said it's fine to stop doing something because my body ached, or because I can't get my serves right, or if I simply could not stop my hands from shaking when a desperate situation calls for good moves. I hit a wall and I stopped.

To some extent, my biggest failure, was actually not trying harder after I failed. I've seen people winning medals in state level competitions, known people that are actually good at doing what they do. And then I looked upon myself and I was like, maybe it wasn't for me. I just can't be an overachiever, but in reality I just didn't have the heart to continue. I turned to my academics and with little effort I scored good grades and it gave my undeserving pride a large boost. And looking back it was hard to deal with a kid like me, especially when I am just slightly better in learning. Classmates were complaining that I didn't have to study, and were saying that it was "unfair". To some extent, I agree with them.

Fast forward and I am in college back in Nilai. I was taking a calculus class and unlike me a term before, I actually paid attention in class and studied, instead of loafing and doing nothing like what I did in secondary school. But when the midterm came I couldn't perform, simple calculations took a lot of time, and I was scared, but I wasn't too worried. I have never done truly awful in my exams.

But on that fateful day, and it was about 5 years back, when the Calculus exam came back. When I saw the grade, it stung really hard as I have never gotten a failing mark in math. I left the classroom with tears running down my cheek and when I entered the men's room I couldn't control myself. It took a while before I got a grip on myself. That time, I saw my own reflection in the mirror and man, did I not look pathetic. Perhaps math was the last thing I could tell myself I am actually good at. Perhaps I just couldn't accept that I am just not good at anything in life, or even worse, I just can't take that I can't be good at something even though I've spent a fair share of my time at it. A friend of mine saw me weep and cry, but he's just making sure I was not going to anything stupid. I never really told him but I appreciated his gestures, and I was grateful for that ever since.

Perhaps I had limited choice. I could either accept the fact that I am a loser and move on with life, or I could try to not be a loser, to prove a point that I have been trying to disprove all my life. Well maybe I just didn't have a lot of choice, coming out of a family of overachievers. My lecturer, who was a really nice guy, gave us a chance to take another exam, and I gave everything I had at it, spent a lot of time, clawed and scratched my way back. Long story short, I squeaked out an A at the end of the term, and had good grades for my my math courses until my time there was done and me flying here to A2.

At the end I learned that the only way for a person to go ahead is only through competition, and through not giving up. But soon things went well for a period of time and the valuable lessons learned through pain and tears were soon forgotten. People grow complacent in false sense of securities. I suppose it's time to find where I am, again. People calling me losers or quitter got it right, but I have seen worse forms of myself, and I'll do what I can to dig myself out of the hole.

This is my story, as everyone has their own story of struggles and survival. But maybe the answer to all doubts within the universe and mankind is indeed, 42.

About this blog

A lot of stuff about what I think, and not what I am about. Which is good, because I would be able to make fun of Notre Dame, Wisconsin, Penn State, and discuss on our futility against Ohio State. (But Woo Shoelace!)

I still think the word "god" should not be capitalized, because like oxygen or air or universe, it's an entity, and is not specific or special in its meaning.