Friday, April 30, 2010


That's the one day delta on my portfolio value.

Last Friday, it's the same thing. -1.5 k, just over a week ago. In just over 2 weeks, I lost 2+ k in portfolio value. I was up 4+k then, only up 1.7k now.

Sometimes I wonder why I skimp on the 2 extra dollars I could tip the waiter and make his/her day.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

10 things to do in '10. (update III)

I was thinking, #1, 4, and 10 goes directly towards making a new MMO. How about that? Anyway, this is my first update since we cross the 1/4 of the year line, have I done 1/4 of the tasks? No. Am I on track? Likely not. Sucks, but I'll keep trying.

1) Finish my artwork
- Yes, yes, finish my artwork. stop bugging me, I am looking at tablets.

2) Learn a new song on guitar
- Was thinking of playing Colbie Cailat's new song, "I never told you", but it's kinda weird if a guy plays the song.

3) Play FFXIII
- DONE!. Finally something is done.

4) Learn how to use game engines
- Alright, some movements here. I've looked at Blender, and I've downloaded it. It has a little game engine thingy built in but it's not as flexible as a real game engine. Blender is mostly a tool to do 3D animation, which is okay by itself. There is another game engine called CrystalSpace, which I have not seriously looked at yet, but seems like it should have more functionality that blender, and there's a crystalBlend project that ports Blender stuff to CrystalSpace. Looks like that's the way to go. End goal at the end of the year is to get something on HTML5 that is runnable.

I've also discussed some of my game designs to some of my colleagues/friends/random people. Don't think any of them took me too seriously, but once I get something laid down, I think I can count on them helping me out.

5) Blog makeover
- Shuddup damn blog, I have no time for you.

6) Buy a house.
6) Finish Japanese level 2 and level 3 on Rosetta Stone
I've slashed off "Buy a house" because it is no longer a good idea. Instead I've decided to learn Japanese. Fair? Maybe not, but it's either I drop something of the list or I substitute it with something else. Gotta be realistic sometimes.

7) Go camping at least 2 times
- Blah

8) Play Football for at least 15 weekends
- Current Progress 2/15. "Nobody wants to play with me!"-Ace Ventura.

9) Go hiking
Looking at trails near SF city. Stagnant.

10) Build my own computer
Got to at least wait for a good DX11 card to market. I have no $$$. Donors?

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Easter Atheist Conference

Sounds interesting, but I think it's going to end up people talking about things they don't believe in, so...

Browser Quake

Imagine playing WOW on your IE/Firefox/Chrome.

Sweet. A lot of money to be made, no installations, nothing. click click click...

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