Saturday, September 19, 2009

If you feel your car vibrate

When you brake or when you drive at high speed, it might be that the alignment is out. I didn't realize that, and thought my car was already busted, but turns out after I changed my tires (and redid alignment, of course), it all went away. It's way too quiet sometimes and I wonder if my car is actually moving. But of course all signs points to yes, except for the noisy tires and the annoying vibration.

EDITOR: Also I won a raffle, I have a new michigan tee. Another one to my many others. :)

Saturday, September 12, 2009

If I had my doubts, they had since been answered

Michigan 38 - Notre Dame 34

Tate Forcier looked cool, poised in the pocket, and I got to say this game looked a lot like the 4th quarter meltdown I was half expecting, but eventually "the Force" overcame his interception and cleaned up after himself.

Now, I'd like to see Nard groomed up as a backup QB. In this game, I think Tate saw a lot more time that I'd like him to. That is absolutely not a criticism of his performance, because he was stellar. The reason being that spread QB, who runs the football half the time they pass them, attracts a lot of attention from the defense. That said, they're more prone to injuries. The easiest way to prevent them from being injured is to rotate in another QB more often.

Today Shoelace didn't get to play much, about 3-4 plays? I'd like to see him get more time. And Sheridan too. Although Sheridan = Death. And I hope he didn't forget his scythe this season.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Ban lifted on Black Eyed Peas Concert

Just thought some of you might be interested

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