Sunday, October 28, 2007

Down the stretch

Michigan is now ranked 12th in the BCS.

It's hard to make out which is worse, suffering another heartbreaking loss when you get your expectations back up, or the braced and unwilling apathy through gritted teeth to avoid getting disappointed twice in a season.

I think I'll choose the former.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

I can't wait for gameday

Some idiotic wise man once said "be careful what you wish for!". We freaking lost to Appy St. but after a month from Teh Horror, I guess I can start to look forward to the next game, again.

It sucks. And as we're trying to put this behind us, Oregon just have to come up to A2 and beat us by 4 touchdowns. And a field goal. And a 2 pt conversion.

We finally renewed life as the Big Ten season started. But our offseason really showed how terrible we are outside of Big Ten. I hope if Lloyd does retire after this season, we'll actually get a coach that has experience in the other major conferences. That's to improve the genetical identity of Michigan Football by introducing diversity.

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A lot of stuff about what I think, and not what I am about. Which is good, because I would be able to make fun of Notre Dame, Wisconsin, Penn State, and discuss on our futility against Ohio State. (But Woo Shoelace!)

I still think the word "god" should not be capitalized, because like oxygen or air or universe, it's an entity, and is not specific or special in its meaning.