Monday, October 27, 2008

Coz I am badass like that

We'll beat Purdue this weekend. Definitely, I guarantee it. Guess it doesn't matter if it doesn't happen.

We'll beat Minny next weekend. Definitely, I guarantee it. Guess we'll be keeping the little brown jug a little longer.

We'll beat Northwestern the following week. I guarantee it. Guess I'll be watching from the stadium, and for the first time, I am going to wear my lucky gears from 2 years back, and make no mistake, it will help us win.

We'll beat Ohio State on Nov 22nd. I guarantee it, and sweatervest ain't got nothin' on me. Coz Thanksgiving only happens once a year, and this year it's going to be here in Michigan. RRod will be hailed as the savior of the program.

We'll go to a bowl game. And we'll beat whoever we're playing in the bowl game. And I guarantee it, coz I am badass like that.

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