Saturday, October 04, 2008

Holy Cow

Just came back from a game. There's this d-bag near our seats in the stadium that thinks he's better than the coaches. "Oh it's so unpredictable, it's like Lloyd Carr all over again", "Freaking hell, just throw the damn ball on 1st down", "OMG I'm so stupid, some one, please, kick my ass, I am an asshole, and an idiot at it.", "Dude, I want Jon Tenuta, TANOOTAH, as our DC". Please, one of the quotes above, I've just made up. And for his sake I hope it was the last, but seriously, why, WHY would anyone, ANYONE, want someone from ND to replace our HRG DC.

Please. I know we lost today, but I am still in awe.

I can't believe we beat Wisconsin. Holy Cow

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