Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Dang it

I don't know how to fix some of the bloody formatting on blogger.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Movie Reviews

I don't do this that often. But here goes:

Yellow hat, pants and suspenders are IN!

Bruno - vulgar, insightful and very funny. After watching this, perhaps the world would be a little less homophobic. Depicts Bruno as a normal, fame seeking, fashion designer/celebrity (wannabe), and the homophobic world as corny, weird and generally having the misconception. I'd recommend it to anyone unless they're allergic to irony.

Universal Studios claim that it tries to promote understanding of the gay community but this also happened. I'd say everyone should just chill out, it's a comedy and no one takes it seriously.

Summary: You'd enjoy it as long as you're not homophobic, or it'd be funny to see you watch it.

Megan Fox's bigger than Optimus and wearing a revealing low cut dress to attract teenage boys with hormone imbalance

Transformers 2- Haven't seen anything this bad this summer. I thought x-men origins set the bar pretty low, and yet Transformers 2 has found a way to suck more. An incoherent medley of stuff blowing up, yelling and screaming. Completely unengaging at times. Action sequences went on forever and there's always this mix of people who we don't care/don't know popping into the screen and yelling stuff we don't really care about.

There was a good scene where Optimus was battling several of the decepticons before getting blown up, but past that it's a waste of time.

Summary: Tries to bore you to sleep, then wake you up with constant yelling. Won't go back if Michael Bay makes Transformers 3. Don't watch it unless you want to be annoyed.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Whatever money you get in Vegas

Stays in Vegas apparently.

At one point I was up by 100 dollars, in the end I lost 130 dollars at the BlackJack Table.

I was never a gambler, too cautious, too scared. And in my defense, it never was gambling when I never intended to win. The beauty of blackjack is how the Casino gives away the impression that people can beat the system, and yet people hardly do.

Anyway, you'll really need to learn how to count cards to do that, and even if you did know how to count, you still need lady luck on your side.

training for you guys:

have fun!

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