Monday, October 20, 2008

Militant Atheism

Richard Dawkins once tried to promoted what he considered "Militant Atheism". It means having all the atheists to stand up and fight for what they believe, or in retrospect, in what they do not. According to him, it is the inherent inability to come out about their atheistic nature that causes a large decline in political power amongst atheists- that atheists are the one thing that the societies cannot accept.

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Then, in his book, The God Delusion, he also mentioned about the American Public's views into atheists holding public offices. Quote "
Being an atheist is still "the most discriminated-against characteristic of the eight tested in the research," according to the latest Gallup poll asking who people would vote for for U.S. President. Only 49 percent would vote for an atheist, while 59 percent would vote for a homosexual, 92 percent would vote for a black, and 95 percent would vote for a woman.

It is a sad truth, but nevertheless learning this insight about this unfounded hatred towards people with no religious affinity is somewhat enlightening. So, never tell your girlfriend's/boyfriend's parents you're an atheist, or consider your bridges burnt. So what about militant atheism again? It's a dream that will gain very few support, even from the atheists that holds their beliefs the truest. Nevertheless this is a cause and effect game. To think that we're discriminated against by more than half the population on this continent...

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