Wednesday, May 31, 2006


There was once my digital integrated circuits professor went to tour at a renowned Car Factory in Germany.

Salesperson : Our cars have equipments powered by FPGA circuits to provide functionality to its users.

Professor : Then, I will not buy your cars.

Salesperson : Why?

Professor : FPGA boards are very susceptible and vulnerable to alpha particles, and easily malfunction under exposure.

Salesperson : . . .

wikipedia: fpga , alpha particle
I like my digital IC class, but my professor gave me an A- :(

Split Banana


This is a picture of a Banana.

This is a picture of a banana

. . . . . .

Not lame enough?
Well, actually, it is not a picture of a banana. It is a picture of a banana peel I took in Kohl Center, Madison, Wisconsin. **

I was having dinner with a couple of friends (and ate the banana inside the peel) , and I showed him this and asked if he wants it. Since he was kind of full, he politely declined.

But that's not the end of the story, after looking at my plate for a while, he went like, "where did the banana peel of the banana you were eating earlier? Don't tell me you ate it as well!?!?!"

The banana peel from the other side, if any of you are curious how it looks like from the other side

**(the peeled side is facing the table, if you didn't figure out already)

Tuesday, May 30, 2006


salvation. resurrection.

- one will never know the power of restoration until him/her deletes something by accident.

May 30th, 2006

So we're walking towards Monona Terrace on Saturday night, when suddenly a friend of mine was going like "babi! babi!" pointing towards the flags that were flying high.
*babi means pig in malay*

I am like "what babi!??" and were expecting someone to have hung/thrown/beaten up and somehow placed/teleported a pig somewhere near the flag poles.

Well, after a brief period of confusion, I figured that she meant this

University of Wisconsin , 1848

I see.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Today's Recommendation 5/24

This is StarBuX's Green Tea Blackberry Frappucino.

The sky is playing games with me.

Ann Arbor was like 55F two days back, today she decided to give everyone in town a bit of free barbequing. Maybe it's just me. I was wearing a bloody sweater, thinking that it's still very cold today.

So there I was, walking like a vampire that can't walk into the sunlight. wearing a thick black hoodie under the scorching sun. And then I found heaven, with a big goddess like logo with the word "Starbucks" on it.

Under these kind of circumstances, you'll want to get a triple shot expresso and go home. Okay, I was kidding, you will not want to take in much caffeine during this time of the day. It will get you more hyped up and heated up too, so, for once, I ordered something less caffeinated for a change.

Well, my recommendation today is to wear sleeveless and shorts to classes. That's if you still have any. I think it'll still be warm tonight, so don't worry about wearing too little.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The other side of the lake.

Midwest games 2006 is near. And this time, the smart and beautiful people of Ann Arbor are going to see the lake from the other side, because we're going to University of Wisconsin at Madison.

Well, I looked up the travelling route (mapquest link here), well, it's a staggering 388.71 miles. I think we can travel to Bangkok from my hometown of Mentakab with 388.71 miles lol.

There's a reason why lake Michigan is called lake Michigan, not lake Wisconsin (although half of the lake are within Wisconsinian border). A quick google returned this.

As anyone would expect, the name Michigan actually comes from a Native American (Indian) word. Fascinating huh? Just like Milwaukee, Cherokee, something kee, Fatt Kee, Choi Kee, and some other Kees back home, which is actually quite a popular suffix for chinese restaurants' names.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Breaking a sweat. 5/23

Here's a trivia for all of you : What kind of activity requires you to move front, back, front, back, sweat all over, and when it ends, you get so tired, your arms and legs are soring, but you'll feel great. And for certain reason, people tend to do this almost everyday.

Yes. You are absolutely right. That's working out in a gym.

Well, today, i went to a fitness center for the first time in my life. And ironically, it is geographically so close to my apartment, I can hit it with a stone (if i throw really REALLY hard).

my legs are aching right now. Maybe I am just a nerd that doesn't really cut out for this.

30 minutes on the strides to cut away some pounds.
image from www. 1300 strides in 30 minutes

And 10 pushes on whateva the machine is called. (oh god, i just lifted 2 bars, and it's so terribly tiring).

When they say "Certain sacrifices must be made if you really want something" I believe it to be the undefiable truth. So, I hope whoever the owner of the car doesn't get angry to find the window smashed when i was figuring out if the gym is really a stone's throw away. It was a really nice Boxster too.

Monday, May 22, 2006

The new tree (5/22)

5/22 - Monday

On this fateful day, A new tree was born in the midst of a thick, uninhabited wood near Lala Land.

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