Sunday, October 05, 2008

Some point in time...

Some time before the Notre Dame game last year, I made myself a promise that I am not going to make fun of Duke football if we got out of a 0-3 hole. In many levels I have kept that promise, but regardless, please read this article.

Similar to some people's indignant refusal to make fun of the physically disabled, mentally challenged, and Charlie Weis, I have also started to understand the pain and the unfair treatment of some more prominent characters, like Sarah Palin. Well, in her defense I knew a lot more about her, due to the media coverages on her, mainly due to her being unpolished. And many people mistake that a leader's trait is to be a charismatic talker, instead of being able to make good decisions during crunch time. Hell, Ellen Degeneres is a great speaker that conveys her points clearly, and could be politically correct and charismatic if she so wish to be, but will she make a good president?

So, if like many fanboys, you'd break someone down with slippery slopes, red herrings and generally degenerative comments, it doesn't make you any more right or your subject any more wrong. So, voter should take care to understand what Sarah Palin would really represent, than to listen to the media bullshit.

K, I am not a fan of hers, but just to point out that there is a lot more to politics than smooth talking.

Anyway my rant somehow traversed across sports to politics, but I want to point this out: Charlie Weis is still fat, and Notre Dame still sucks, and Corwin Brown is a U-M mole.

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