Friday, June 26, 2009

I'm starting on my next photoshop project

As usual it starts fast, but as always, it gets slower and harder as you go.

Maybe that's MY superpower.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I was playing tennis with my tennis buddy today. I was leading 6-5 in the second set. My serve, and I'm up 40-15. Good chance to close it out with a 7-5 win.

Long story short, I lost the game 6-7 (7-2).
I served an ace to make it deuce in the waning moments, just to serve 2 consecutive double faults, or something dumb like that.

Monday, June 22, 2009

You know how sometimes you have something sitting there for a couple of months,

And then you fire up photoshop just to get rid of it, and it took you like one and a half hours.

A long overdue project from 5 months back. Anyway here's the final.
Sorry bout the bland background, I blame it on laziness and lack of skill/time/dedication.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Hmm.. World Cup at the big house?

Definitely something special. It's eventuality that the big house gonna get the recognition it deserves. People generally don't believe that Michigan stadium houses 100,000+ people when I tell them, but it's about time they do. It is probably bigger than any other olympics stadium you've ever seen.

link shows that we're #4, we used to be #3, until we reduced the capacity in the recent renovation. I think we might get to 110k capacity after the renovation though.

Yes, the list is world wide. IN THE WORLD! We're almost there. Penn State would probably be hit with the ridiculous ADA regulation to have at least 1% of disabled seating.

P.S. just to rant a bit:

To date I still think that's preposterous, since the wheelchair accessible seats has never been really filled during games. What motivation should there be to increase it? You can claim that the seats really isn't that accesible, but dude, if you can't fill 90 seats, you can't fill 1000 seats. And to add to it, for every 1 accessible seating that the stadium provides, it takes up space for 12 regular seating!

PLUS, the ADA wouldn't even settle for removable bleachers, if there were more demand for than necessary. Now that's just being obstinate and irrational. But what's done is done. If they wish so much for permanent seats that take away regular seating from fans that would definitely contribute to the atmosphere, and replace it with *gasp* 900 empty accessible seating, well, so be it. I seriously think lawmakers should repeal that law, since it unfairly discriminates against healthy, able people.

Bottom line is, having 12 regular enthusiastic fans (regardless of which team) not be able to get a seat because of 1 EMPTY disabled seat is just not fair. So unfair, it is stupid. Now that we've given you what you want, go find someone else to bug, after all, we don't have all day.

Crap, my post script message just got longer and longer. Anyway, until this law gets repealed, you'll hear no end from me.

Friday, June 12, 2009


It frustrates me somewhat when people decides to compare Michigan Fans to Buckeyes. Buckeyes harass opposing fans, I am sure *some* Michigan Fans heckle Ohio State fans and all but we definitely know where to stop at, simply because as Michigan fans if we see other fellow Michigan fans physically assault someone else we would stand up and tell them to stop and go away. We got a good fan base, and a more importantly a good reputation to uphold.

Have I ever seen someone poking fun at Michigan St fans? Yes. Have I told Sparties and Buckeyes they can't read or write? Yes. But when it comes down to throwing beer over someone elses back in the middle of winter, you know it ain't cool. It ain't right throwing punches and shoving others. And you know what? Buckeyes they don't care, they don't mind a few opposing fans being roadkill.

Sparties are a rowdy bunch, and yet they still behave better than buckeyes. We'd be fine in Illinois, Purdue, and even Notre Dame, because at least fans there are cultured and will stand up to their own if anyone goes out of line. In terms of fanbases of all the sports school, Ohio State has got to have one of the worst. Maybe not as bad as some of the southern states school, but close.

Over and over again, I've heard bad things happening to Sports fans (in general, not just Longhorns and Wolverines) from Cbus, but never anything from East Lansing, South Bend, USC, Florida, and any of the big time football schools. I sincerely believe NCAA, Big Ten Conference or local authorities should incur penalties against schools with fan bases that becomes violent and endlessly harass its opponents.

I'd like to hear what fans of other schools that has visited Ann Arbor has to say about its fans.

Go Blue. We're the leaders and best.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

I broke my tennis racket


That means I get to buy a new one.


But that racket IS a new one


But now you get to buy a newer one


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