Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What to think of it?

Read this post on MGOBLOG.

And then decide what to think of it. Probability (And Public Opinion) says we're most likely going to end up 4-8 or worse. Not going to a bowl game, and breaking our winning season streak.

But I beg to differ, the court of public opinion does not account for coaching changes, team match-ups, and generally fluke in a sense. What I say is that there might be a click in the team somewhere between the Penn State Game and Michigan State game that changes the team dramatically, or maybe Rich Rod would pull out his wizard hat and his magic playbook and start making drastic changes to fix up the offense?

But in any case, we need to brace ourselves for the worst. What if we end up 2-10? What if we'll never go to a bowl game for the next 5 years? Will all of you still stick around till then? Suddenly, we are in real danger of feeling like a Notre Dame fan.

Michigan fans are too used to the winning ways. We got to believe in this time of uncertainty, that sometimes a change is needed in order to survive in the college football world.

But M is not ND. We don't extend our coaches contract on an "Almost" win against USC. We'll make the changes necessary, and it'll be a matter of time till Michigan football is back.

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