Tuesday, May 30, 2006


salvation. resurrection.

- one will never know the power of restoration until him/her deletes something by accident.

May 30th, 2006

So we're walking towards Monona Terrace on Saturday night, when suddenly a friend of mine was going like "babi! babi!" pointing towards the flags that were flying high.
*babi means pig in malay*

I am like "what babi!??" and were expecting someone to have hung/thrown/beaten up and somehow placed/teleported a pig somewhere near the flag poles.

Well, after a brief period of confusion, I figured that she meant this

University of Wisconsin , 1848

I see.


JukeBox said...

Guys from U of Wisconsin, don't hate me for this, u guys deserve it coz u broke our season last year. =P. Just for laughs anyway, no other meaning.

Anonymous said...

Yo..babi is cute. Piggies rox!

- Peter Laguna

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