Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Breaking a sweat. 5/23

Here's a trivia for all of you : What kind of activity requires you to move front, back, front, back, sweat all over, and when it ends, you get so tired, your arms and legs are soring, but you'll feel great. And for certain reason, people tend to do this almost everyday.

Yes. You are absolutely right. That's working out in a gym.

Well, today, i went to a fitness center for the first time in my life. And ironically, it is geographically so close to my apartment, I can hit it with a stone (if i throw really REALLY hard).

my legs are aching right now. Maybe I am just a nerd that doesn't really cut out for this.

30 minutes on the strides to cut away some pounds.
image from www. argos.co.uk. 1300 strides in 30 minutes

And 10 pushes on whateva the machine is called. (oh god, i just lifted 2 bars, and it's so terribly tiring).

When they say "Certain sacrifices must be made if you really want something" I believe it to be the undefiable truth. So, I hope whoever the owner of the car doesn't get angry to find the window smashed when i was figuring out if the gym is really a stone's throw away. It was a really nice Boxster too.

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