Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The other side of the lake.

Midwest games 2006 is near. And this time, the smart and beautiful people of Ann Arbor are going to see the lake from the other side, because we're going to University of Wisconsin at Madison.

Well, I looked up the travelling route (mapquest link here), well, it's a staggering 388.71 miles. I think we can travel to Bangkok from my hometown of Mentakab with 388.71 miles lol.

There's a reason why lake Michigan is called lake Michigan, not lake Wisconsin (although half of the lake are within Wisconsinian border). A quick google returned this.

As anyone would expect, the name Michigan actually comes from a Native American (Indian) word. Fascinating huh? Just like Milwaukee, Cherokee, something kee, Fatt Kee, Choi Kee, and some other Kees back home, which is actually quite a popular suffix for chinese restaurants' names.

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