Sunday, February 21, 2010

Updates on stuff I wanna do.

From this post:
1) Finish my artwork
- not much progress here, despite this being the easiest task. Did some skin shading up to this point but that's it.

2) Learn a new song on guitar
- haven't even decided on what song I wanna do. 21 guns by Green Day? Something by Taylor Swift?

3) Play FFXIII
- the closest thing to FFXIII right now is the pre-order from Amazon and also my effort to learn Japanese.

4) Learn how to use game engines
- Looked at websites describing OpenGL and also watched instructional video at work about history of OpenGL and direct3D. I need to look into this more.

5) Blog makeover
- Blah

6) Buy a house.
- Looked at houses, nothing is screaming good deal so far. And no down payment money yet.

7) Go camping at least 2 times
- Blah

8) Play Football for at least 15 weekends
- Current Progress 1/15

9) Go hiking
- Yosemite? Big Sur? Somewhere in Palo Alto? Mount Tam again?
- Maybe I should make the Half Dome Hike a yearly thing.

10) Build my own computer
- Blah.

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