Saturday, March 06, 2010

Status Report: Project 2010

Between work, play and hanging out with people over CNY, I really hasn't made much progress in my goals.

1) Finish my artwork
- Don't even have a mouse. 1 thing at a time. Need to buy tablet.

2) Learn a new song on guitar
- Blah. Obviously.

3) Play FFXIII
- in 1 week, I won't be updating my blog.

4) Learn how to use game engines
- Wow, nothing I've ever done loses so much steam over such a small amount of time.

5) Blog makeover
- Blah

6) Buy a house.
The objective of buying a house drifts further away as I look at the stock market going up. Property tax is 1.125% of property value. Loans are 5% APR. 6.125% of 400000 is more than double of what I pay for a year worth of rent. Unless I have like 200k down payment, the interest rate is going to hold at 5% and 5% of 400k isn't fun to pay every year.

7) Go camping at least 2 times

- Blah

8) Play Football for at least 15 weekends
- Current Progress 1/15. Something I'd really like to do, but sometimes it's not up to me. Probably will gain traction when summer comes in town.

9) Go hiking
Looking at trails near SF city.

10) Build my own computer
Got to at least wait for a good DX11 card to market.

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