Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I hate the DMV

Today I found out that my driver's license expired.

I was trying to renew my auto insurance, which expires on the 26th this month. However, I was looking at my California driver's license and I got a shock. It has been expired for over a month!

Last year some time in May, I changed over to my California license. During the process, it had my Michigan license invalidated. Had my Michigan license still be valid, it would not have been expired. What is this deal about a license that only last several months?

Turns out that it's the day that coincided with the end of my opt period. This is terribly inconvenient for me.

The DMV sucks and there is no wonder why California is so deep in depth. Schwarzenegger should go back to making movies.

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PJ said...

I really thought that DMV California was run pretty well. I never experienced any inconvenience.

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