Sunday, November 19, 2006

Michigan rematch in the NCG?

from polls:

57% thinks that rematch will not happen

but, 50% would like to see a rematch.

seriously. who wouldn't? after the 3 hours of probably the most exciting football match I've ever seen, Michigan loses to Ohio State in a most surprising shootout which everyone thinks would be a defensive slugfest.

This would be my speculation on the possibility of a rematch.

1) The argument of whether Michigan deserves to play does not reflect whether Michigan should play in the NCG. Kirk Herbstreit is a big spin doctor, answering to a question of whether Michigan will play in the NCG, he said that Michigan got its shot at the NC title today, so the chance should be given to other deserving teams. even so, the BCS system does not go the way he thinks it should. First off, the 1st and 2nd ranked team goes to the NCG, not whether they have played each other before. So, if there is a deserving team that goes to the NCG, it's the team that is ranked either 1 or 2 on dec 2.

2) Pollsters should not vote if they would like one team to go to the National Championship game. Pollsters should vote according to the performance of the team. In this case, it is not hard to see that the 2 best teams in the country faced off today, (sorry USC, you just don't have the team you used to have a year ago, Florida, you're just not good enough with so many close games and a loss to an Auburn that has degraded so much over this few weeks). So based on this argument alone, if Michigan does not suffer too much votes of disappointments from the pollster, Michigan would stay on top (2nd maybe, 3rd probably).

4) USC will have to lose to ND. otherwise I'd say that there's a 70% chance USC will go to the championship bowl, despite their lackluster performance the whole season. Which one is a bigger scar on the face of BCS: sending A team that just could not play well the whole season, having to trail mediocre teams and have to use miraculous comeback magic to win, and even got beat by a very average Oregon State team, or sending a team that got beaten by the other Championship game participant, although the team has beaten many other strong teams convincingly (ND, Wisconsin). Although, I would take back the statement that USC is not good enough, if they are able to beat Notre Dame. I don't think that will happen. Not this year. Not against Brady Quinn.

5) The only argument against Michigan is the loss to Ohio State. I don't want to be called a whiner because the team I am rooting for lost a game. But there are just too many intangible I'd like to point out. We're playing on the road, in a Ohio State stadium where the turf is plainly horrendous, much like its fans. Whatever the pundits on ESPN may throw at us. It is clear that although Michigan may not deserve a second chance. We do have a good opportunity.

6) Yes, and Florida would have to lose to Arkansas. but that's still the wild card. Not USC. USC HAS TO LOSE for the rematch to happen. it'd be tricky if Florida beats once beaten Arkansas (which has beaten Auburn which Florida lost to). The computer might have its statistics screwed up after that.

7) For god's sake. If we're going to play Ohio State, and have a 4th and 3. Go for the run, or get a field goal. I trust Mike Hart more than anything in the world. There are 2 opportunities to get a field goal that could help us win the game, but we squandered both of them. God, if Bo actually saw that game, he'd be so mad. Yes, the michigan community misses him already. Rest in peace.

8) I really don't want to say this out loud, but Bo's untimely (but greatly surreal) death on the eve of the game really had an impact on the staff and the players. You can see tears in Coach Carr's eyes in the post game conference. How did the players react to the news? the beloved figure in the football nation. I thought it was a prank pulled by ESPN or something. turns out I was wrong. I spent some time thinking about Bo's death. I am sure it distracted the players too (judging by the fact that I have not seen Bo in person ever before, while the players often have contact, and invaluable coaching from him.).

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