Wednesday, October 25, 2006

I guess Hari Raya is some time soon

Every year around this time of the year, the Malaysian community often find themselves busy with the festive season coming up. This year I missed home a bit more, because I can definitely use the extra holidays to finish up my work, study properly for GRE, blog a bit more, poke more people on facebook, and get some sleep. Usually we get around a week off in Malaysia, but then we don't get anything for Thxgiving or Christmas.

So here I am blaming the dumb person that set the holidays according to the Gregorian calendars. Who'd be dumb enough to set the holidays the same date every year. Thxgiving is also following the Greg calendar coz it's always always always in November, and therefore does not give people a break when they needed it the most.

Here's the list of people who are responsible for such dumb things.
Jesus -> Christmas
It's not his fault his birthday is recorded as 25th Dec, (instead they should use the lunar calendar, and then we'll celebrate xmas in a different season every year) but too bad he did not write down in the bible not to celebrate Xmas, and did not make any effort to tell off his apostles not to use the Greg calendar for his annual birthday parties.

Francisco Vásquez de Coronado -> Thxgiving
he's again dumb coz he said he found his lost chocolate bar on the third thursday of Nov. Why can't he just say he found it on the second day past the 8th full moon of the year.

Jesus -> New Year
It's probably Jesus's fault coz he kind of converted the BC to AD. oh wait. does it make the calendar different and thus the semester system in schools nowadays to change as well? Crap. we can't change that one? ARGH. It's his fault ANYWAYS!

I am sure people will look forward to a different day every year to celebrate. This year it's June, next year it's January. Isn't it more unpredictable and fun?

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