Thursday, June 01, 2006

Wallpaper, anybody?

I took this picture at mendota lake and made it into a wallpaper.

feel free to grab it. =)

I guess I am not much of a photoshop person, but whateva.

Download it here
(right click and save target as ...)


Khoon Yu said...

Wei Bing, yes I think you're Wei Bing...hahaha...

Anyway, pls link my blog to yours. Are you using this blog instead of friendster's blog?

JukeBox said...

nah, i am using both, i am trying to keep this blog anonymous though. Just started a new one =P

chee yong said...

eler.. nice blog btw. =p linked to urs. feel honored about that neurobacter's neurojournal link. haha.

Khoon Yu said...

Feel honored too. Update more including your friendster blog!

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