Sunday, June 11, 2006


This is a football.

Nike 500 Series Football FT0026

This is not a football.
This is a picture of a soccer ball

And with all the heat going on about the world cup, and people exaggerating over their favorite (the correct spelling is without the 'u'!!!) teams, they should start calling this game soccer.

This is another football:

And this football rules, because 1) it's mine 2) it writes Michigan on it, and Michigan football is the best in College Football.



~cy said...

BOOO!!! *hissss*
you're msian. none of this "soccer" nonsense. foooootttttballll! the favoUrite sport of the moment is foootbaallllll :P
football > american football.

Jackson said...

haha did u see the Czech VS USA game??? way to kick so american asses hahaha football >> american football nodnods

Jackson said...

ur saying like u have a gf urself... :P do u?

JukeBox said...

football = American Football = the only football.

Color, Honor, Valor, Flavor, ...

Anonymous said...


FOOTBALL RULEZ! TO HELL WITH SOCCER.. cup is soooo overrated.
In terms of manliness and strategies involved in football, soccer is at a losing end.

And i hate it when ppl label things like 'msians shouldnt like football'. To heck with this nonsense.


mich football is NOT..i repeat NOT the best.
so there...heh

- Peter Laguna

JukeBox said...

well, if mich football is not the best, you gotta find another team that has 11 national titles, 18 consecutive bowl appearance, and has created the most number of heisman trophy winners hehe.

tina said...

Gooo Michigan! Not a sports fan but I will stick up for Mich football!

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