Saturday, June 20, 2009

Hmm.. World Cup at the big house?

Definitely something special. It's eventuality that the big house gonna get the recognition it deserves. People generally don't believe that Michigan stadium houses 100,000+ people when I tell them, but it's about time they do. It is probably bigger than any other olympics stadium you've ever seen.

link shows that we're #4, we used to be #3, until we reduced the capacity in the recent renovation. I think we might get to 110k capacity after the renovation though.

Yes, the list is world wide. IN THE WORLD! We're almost there. Penn State would probably be hit with the ridiculous ADA regulation to have at least 1% of disabled seating.

P.S. just to rant a bit:

To date I still think that's preposterous, since the wheelchair accessible seats has never been really filled during games. What motivation should there be to increase it? You can claim that the seats really isn't that accesible, but dude, if you can't fill 90 seats, you can't fill 1000 seats. And to add to it, for every 1 accessible seating that the stadium provides, it takes up space for 12 regular seating!

PLUS, the ADA wouldn't even settle for removable bleachers, if there were more demand for than necessary. Now that's just being obstinate and irrational. But what's done is done. If they wish so much for permanent seats that take away regular seating from fans that would definitely contribute to the atmosphere, and replace it with *gasp* 900 empty accessible seating, well, so be it. I seriously think lawmakers should repeal that law, since it unfairly discriminates against healthy, able people.

Bottom line is, having 12 regular enthusiastic fans (regardless of which team) not be able to get a seat because of 1 EMPTY disabled seat is just not fair. So unfair, it is stupid. Now that we've given you what you want, go find someone else to bug, after all, we don't have all day.

Crap, my post script message just got longer and longer. Anyway, until this law gets repealed, you'll hear no end from me.

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