Friday, June 12, 2009


It frustrates me somewhat when people decides to compare Michigan Fans to Buckeyes. Buckeyes harass opposing fans, I am sure *some* Michigan Fans heckle Ohio State fans and all but we definitely know where to stop at, simply because as Michigan fans if we see other fellow Michigan fans physically assault someone else we would stand up and tell them to stop and go away. We got a good fan base, and a more importantly a good reputation to uphold.

Have I ever seen someone poking fun at Michigan St fans? Yes. Have I told Sparties and Buckeyes they can't read or write? Yes. But when it comes down to throwing beer over someone elses back in the middle of winter, you know it ain't cool. It ain't right throwing punches and shoving others. And you know what? Buckeyes they don't care, they don't mind a few opposing fans being roadkill.

Sparties are a rowdy bunch, and yet they still behave better than buckeyes. We'd be fine in Illinois, Purdue, and even Notre Dame, because at least fans there are cultured and will stand up to their own if anyone goes out of line. In terms of fanbases of all the sports school, Ohio State has got to have one of the worst. Maybe not as bad as some of the southern states school, but close.

Over and over again, I've heard bad things happening to Sports fans (in general, not just Longhorns and Wolverines) from Cbus, but never anything from East Lansing, South Bend, USC, Florida, and any of the big time football schools. I sincerely believe NCAA, Big Ten Conference or local authorities should incur penalties against schools with fan bases that becomes violent and endlessly harass its opponents.

I'd like to hear what fans of other schools that has visited Ann Arbor has to say about its fans.

Go Blue. We're the leaders and best.

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