Saturday, November 15, 2008

Drenched, Cold, and Proud

In life, sometimes we are not given the credit we deserve. (Take my exam for instance. Unfortunately on that day, 2+2 isn't equal to 5, but seriously, 10 points? c'mon) There are many things we take for granted often enough, that you'll only realize the value of it when you lose it.

When we were down a TD late in the 4th, the marching band played "Don't Stop Believing", and I didn't stop believing. Didn't stop believing in every 3rd down, in every conversion attempt, in every play.

But alas, Sheridan's pass came incomplete, and sealed the fate for the Wolverines. The crowd wasn't in jubilation. It was probably my last home game as a student here in the U of M. But I felt somewhat peaceful, knowing that the boys in blue didn't stop fighting until it all ended. I felt like we're there, that's what football is all about, just keep trying. I wasn't frustrated like during the Michigan State game, I wasn't annoyed like the in the Illinois game, and I definitely wasn't crazy and all hyped up like after Wiscy. But it felt better, I applauded the team at the end of the game, for showing up, and I sang "the Victors" for the last time in the Big House before everyone left. I don't know when would I be able to come back again.

Sometimes, in order to move forward, we have to give all the credit for the little steps that we take. One step at a time. Don't say "at least you tried" or "sometimes your best is still not good enough", instead, say "Thank You"

I didn't think we should have won the game, the Wildcats played consistent football for 4 quarters and definitely deserved a win. But we played them hard, and for me, it's more than enough. I don't give partial credits for trying - I give full. They're a growing team, they are a good team, and most importantly, they're my team, and I'll always be proud of them.

Go Blue! Beat OSU!

Don't stop believing

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