Monday, September 01, 2008

Thoughts on the new regime

QB situation: Pretty saddening, neither of the QBs that played executed the scheme well. That said, simple passes were made relatively complicated, and there are some things that we have taken for granted that we don't realize till the season started. That said, most of the QB mistakes were made due to inexperience.

Playcalling: Instead of running out the clock and heading to the locker room, we actually tried to score on the final minutes of the 2nd quarter and let up an int and a TD but it is all worth it as I am sure if we actually made a first down, we would have forced utah to burn their time outs on defense. Defensively, in the first half we didn't have any success rushing the passer or defending the inside run (frustratingly so). Then in the second half, the defense got aggressive and got to Johnson a lot, and turned the momentum and actually gave the offense a chance to score. (Which they did, after many drives that ended in punts and fumbles).

Special teams: Lopata nailed at 53 yarder and we blocked a punt. On punt returns we had no blockers and that resulted in very low return yardage. On side note, we should have fair catched more often. Warren was hit almost as soon as he touched the ball and eventually a few punts are going to get loose if this happens more often.

Overall: We would be much better a few more games into the season as players pick up more experience and execute better. Hope we don't lose to Notre Dame. It would be terrible.

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