Thursday, September 25, 2008

Legends of the fall

I just watched the movie yesterday on it's a pretty nice movie, and seemingly depicted many personalities in the 3 brothers.

There's the fanatical, lovable, and ambitious, but less competent Samuel, whose desire to become a hero essentially caused him to die in war.

The carefree, erratic, kind and protective, but yet always seem to resort to cruelty to the people who cared about him the most, Tristan.

And the capable, but easily jealous, and never willing to take advice, eventually causing much harm to those who cared, tho unintentionally, and was protrayed as the treacherous brother, Alfred.

I've seen many people who easily fit into these categories, but if I had to choose, which would I be? Would I be a Tristan who never came back? A Samuel that never died? or An Alfred who never regretted my ways?

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