Monday, July 23, 2007

Harry Potter vs LOTR 2

Hi, this is part 2 to the questions I'd ask myself about on Harry Potter and LOTR. Today I'll be talking to Mr. E, who has read all 7 books of the Harry Potter series, and the LOTR trilogy.

Me: Hello, and good evening

E: Good Evening.

Me: Let us get to our first question, do you like LOTR better or Harry Potter better?


Me: Very well, it seems that there are a lot of LOTR fans out there. Well, did Harry Potter drop out because of the awesomely funny way Snape died? *a sadistic laughter follows*

E: *laughs along, then abruptly pulls a long face* No.

Me: Then, is it because you like the hissing of Gollum? And can you make an imitation of it using your keyboard?


Me: hmm. Not much of an imitation there, but whatever. Who is your favourite character in LOTR and do you have a secret desire to sleep with him/her?

E: . . . . . .
*after a while*

wth . . . . .

Me: That's not much of an answer. And much less a correct answer.

E: to tis question?!!?

Me: Yes. *wonders why is the interviewer getting a question like this* Basically you can answer a character's name first, then follow up by "yes, no or maybe" for the second part.

E: is thr spose to b a correct one?!
*after 15 minutes of pondering, and after the interviewer started to get a bit impatient*

i m bad at such questions, cos i m secretly trying to organize an orgy fest w all the hot characters, meaning no monsters, house elves, but since veelas r so hot.. i ll make an exceptions.

Me: very well. Thank you, and have a good evening. It's past my bedtime now.
E: You're welcome.

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