Sunday, September 24, 2006

Roasted Badger anyone?

I went to a barbeque today, although I'd like to have some roasted badger there, but they don't serve em here.

Well, I had enough of my share during the Michigan - Wisconsin game, which I watched from the student section of the Big House.

Wisconsin was on my hate list since last season. I even adopted a pet badger to abuse because of them.

Highlights of the game.
1) Chad Henne pass intercepted by Allen Langford at the Wisc 35, returned for 5 yards to the Wisc 40.
2) John Stocco pass complete to PJ Hill for 29 yards for a TOUCHDOWN.
3) Chad Henne pass complete to Mario Manningham for 24 yards for a TOUCHDOWN.
Zoltan Mesko punt for 51 yards, returned by Zach Hampton for no gain to the Wisc 18, fumbled at the Wisc 18, forced by Team, recovered by Turner Booth.
5) Garrett Rivas 31 yard Field Goal GOOD.
6) Facemask on Steve Breaston Not Called by referee.
7 ) Chad Henne pass complete to Mario Manningham for 38 yards for a TOUCHDOWN.
8) Mike Hart 5 yard rushing TOUCHDOWN.

so the hype level is pretty bad for me since i entered the stadium after a feverish I was like
1) ... arghh.. I am sick and tired...
2) Cough Cough*.. what happened?
3) Hail!!
4) Oooo (Punt).... Fumble (whoa!!) ... Recovery (YEAH!!!)

5) HAIL TO THE VICTORS (again!!)
7) I am feeling so much better now.
8) Did I just smelled smoked badger? It smells so much like the Wisconsin Skunks too...

*note. if we didn't win by 14 points. No. 6's hype level will go all the way up... Like this:

note the blowing up of physical indexes where ppl usually think that 100 is the max hype level a person could have.

I feel SOOO much better after the game. Cough*. I am sure my flu has gotten better.

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