Wednesday, July 26, 2006

I adopted a new pet, dedicated to University of Wisconsin.

I somehow came across this pet adoption agency online.

adopt your own virtual pet!

But i am kind of lazy, so help me feed it once in a while (put ur cursor at "more" and feed the apple to the pig)

While i am not sure if it's healthy for a pig (especially one from University of Wisconsin, it appears that it's the only food for it at the moment)

EDIT: After 9/23/06. I removed Wisconsin from my hate list because we smoked them. Nice Badgy, please walk urself over the barbeque pit there. Nice Badgy... You fancy some Char Siew Mee ?


Anonymous said...

AWwwwww piggyyy!!!!! soo cuuutteee

what does the squint bottle do?? it should do more thn just hop around! will it die if you dont feed it?

and i have to admit that my frist thought when i saw the pic was "but that looks like a pig not a badger".


JukeBox said...

lol hahaha... well, I haven't fed it for some time. was quite happy to see it still there.

switch said...

Are you sure it's a badger??? Neway, I fed it already although I think that it won't die even though if you don't feed it for some time.
Oh, cy, I think the squint bottle is to sort of clean the badger (or pig). Just click on the badger.

JukeBox said...

use ur imagination lol.. the Wisconsin Badgers yeah...

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