Thursday, September 28, 2006

It's a mission...

Since I was small, I had my imaginations fueled by various TV programs. I thought we could create intelligent, creative, emotional, robotic minds.

To model something intelligent, I usually just refer to something eeriely similar - the human brain. Though programmable, given enough insight and motivation, I am sure the human minds are capable of creativity and initiative.

The thought process of a human being consists of cognitive concepts. I'd say it's a string of thoughts, with each relational ideas in mind tied closely to it. If we pull the string, it will trigger ideas that were previously associated with it.

If we seek to establish this kind of connections within the machinic mind. We would have to be able to route and re-route circuits, which could be both consciously and subconsciously triggered. It is easy to see how this kind of mechanism is achievable in a biological body like the living human. It is not impossible to implement it in a man-made center of thought.

Modern advances in circuit and MEMS will provide us with more than enough capability to route it. But I think the relevant question to ask at this point is, do we have the power to create a self-generating, independent, unrestricted mind of its own?

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