Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Judicial System

While I don't suppose every murder trial to be explainable what the motives are, like how 2 step brothers could just jest around and ending up having one kid being a lifer and the other dead, while it was definitely not by accident, it still does not justify locking that kid up for life.

and then of course, there are some trials in which some judgements has been passed to appease the blood thirsty public in the name of doing their job.

How did 2 law enforcers, who were expected to keep the streets clean of criminals become cold blooded murderers themselves without any reason to do so? Unless the judges dealing them the death penalty card is a method of negotiating for them to come clean with who's the puppeteer, I don't see how this is even justified. They're just hired guns. Fodders. Sacrificial lambs to appease the media's lust for blood.

Pawns like them are what I would refer to as the limbs of the criminal organization. In fact by severing the limbs from the body, it could as well set free the evil to commit atrocities once again. Why don't they interrogate them? lock them up for 10 - 15 years, loosen them up in order to get more information on who/what motivated them in the first place. Plus, keeping them shackled puts weight over their "employers". Keeping them is like keeping their part of the siamese insurance, a deal in which either side could muster enough evidence against the other, in which both parties are joined together, inseparable forever, like a siamese twin. Lock one up and you'll have a criminal mastermind that can't sleep at night. Get rid of one, and you'll be doing the other a favor.

Unless the end result is to negotiate an appeal with the 2 cops, I still don't see why we need to put them to the axe. They don't deserve such a harsh punishment, the one who orchestrated it does.

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