Monday, January 12, 2009

Green gooey water tastes like Wasabi

Dude, so there's this water cooler, that NO ONE has ever used. If anyone has ever used this water cooler he'd be as pissed and as grossed out as I am now. I have a pretty high tolerance for gross stuff. And this just ranked pretty high up in my list.

So I don't usually just drink water fountain without looking at it first. Usually I let the water flow for a while before drinking it. But the water cooler apparently is very familiar with my habit and decided to play a prank on me.

For the first 5 seconds the water is clear, and nothing odd came around. but when I put my mouth there and starting to take in some of the water, there comes the horror. Green, GREEN gooey yellow olive green colored HORROR!

it tastes like wasabi. Macha, moss, gross moss, tastes like goose poop.

If u tell me that's the elixir of immortality, i'd still not drink that.

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