Wednesday, December 03, 2008

I might be renovating, but it's still years too early...

On the subject of Charlie Weis getting another year, another shot at being the Head Coach of the Notre Dame football. And why he deserves nothing less than a humiliating exit from his alma mater.

First read this

Now, I said: "I feel sorry for Irish fans, for they have to endure fat Charlie for another season", someone told me this "Don't throw bricks if you're living in a glass house". I beg to differ.

- He's been there for 4 years now, the first two years, he did pretty well, going to BCS bowl games on Ty Willingham's players!! And when his own recruits came in and tried to play, he went 3-9 and 6-6. And then he had the audacity to blame Ty for leaving the cupboard bare.

- And then, he published a book at the end of the 3-9 season, titled "No Excuse" and said "We'll beat Michigan and listen to their excuses" and the infamous "To Hell with Michigan". No doubt, he later retracted it, but it's no reason for firing, really.

- Two years back, after his narrow loss to USC, he was awarded a 10 year contract, with an undisclosed buyout amount. It has been reported to be higher than usual, and some said it was in the 15 million range, which is not plausible.

Quote ESPN columnist Pat Forde
"After that last-second, three-point loss to Matt Leinart and Reggie Bush, Weis declared that anyone expecting him to be happy with a moral victory would be wrong. After losing by 35 here, Weis sounded like a guy begging to be granted a moral victory. "I think one of the biggest aspects of today was whether we're going to play with passion and emotion," Weis said. "From the beginning of the game to the end of the game, we played with passion and emotion."

Very well. He deserves to go, but rumors say that his buyout is too expensive for him to be removed. He had worst record than Ty, had more talent on his roster, and yet he still failed to perform. Plus he had time for his scheme to set in. I guess, it's not plausible to run a 7 year plan on 4 year student athletes.

Now on Michigan

- Now, Rich Rodriguez has always asserted that the on-field performance of the players reflects the preparation of the coaching staff, and he said everything that has to go right has to start with him.

- 2 his contract states that he'll have 6 years, with 4 million buyout, with decreasing buyouts from year 4 onwards (2.5 million and 500 grand less every consecutive years). If you don't realize, if RRod doesn't do well for 4 years, he'd be out the door with 2.5 mil. If he does bring Michigan football to new heights, he'll be offerred probably better pay and a longer contract at the end of his 3rd year. That's planning, not a 10 year contract on an almost win against USC.

- Now. He is only in his first term, with virtually no talent at important positions. It's not Lloyd's fault so many players left, but these things are somewhat expected.

- So ND lost to syracuse, we lost to Toledo, I call it a tie, but with such difference in context, we can only call Weis a flop, and Rodriguez an occurrence. I am not saying this term is a success, because it isn't. Any year that we don't beat OSU isn't a success.

Now, if you tell me we should fire Rich Rodriguez after his first year, you got to be kidding me. YOU GOT TO BE KIDDING ME. No glass houses here.

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