Monday, November 24, 2008

Looking Back

Utah - We only lost the game by 2 points against a BCS bowl contender.
Miami - First win of season
ND - Fumblefest
Wisconsin - Down 19-0 at halftime, we came back to beat the badgers 27-25
Illinois - Led early, lost in 2nd half, blown out
Toledo - Lost to unexpected MAC team
Penn State - Led early, blownout
Michigan State - Lost, heartbreaking
Purdue - So close, yet so far
Minnesota - At least we keep our brown jug
Northwestern - Led in the half, something to rejoice is that we only lost by a TD
Ohio State - what can I say? It's never a good day when we give up 42 points.

Mark my words, We will be back, And we'll pay them back in kind.

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