Thursday, March 13, 2008

How to make a terminator in 7 easy steps

Materials needed: 1 metal endoskeleton, 1 microchip with conscience, regenerative skin and synthetic blood, mobile fusion power plant (battery).

1)Plug in nuclear reactor into slot on metal endoskeleton, make sure to fasten the terminals so it doesn't come off, but even if it is loose the terminator will be able to fix it himself anyway.

2) Cover surface of the metal endoskeleton with skin and blood.

3) Cut away holes for nostrils and eyesockets, (optional, since the terminator can do it itself after it is turned on)

4) Locate the chip socket on the skull. It is approximately seven inches to the left, 4 inches down from the top of the skull.

5) unscrew the socket by turning it counter clockwise.

6) insert chip into socket, and fasten it by screwing it back counter clockwise

7) Quickly run off to safety, the typical reboot time for a terminator model is 15 seconds. (it could vary according to the complexity and model type of the terminator).

Now that you have made a terminator, time to kick back and relax and see the world burn in an apocalyptic hell. But make sure you hide in an underground bunker first!

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