Tuesday, November 20, 2007

what kind of speculation is this?

on Les Miles being the next Michigan Head Coach

1) He realizes that if he passes on this opportunity, he might never get a second chance if the next Michigan head coach does a good job. It came at a poor time for him, it came when he was building up the LSU program that suffered a hit from Saban.

2) the LSU athletic director said "he's not a Michigan man, he's an LSU man". that's just wrong, he could be both at the same time.

3) If you've never been a Michigan man you'd probably don't know, if given a choice, that Michigan will keep winning, even if it means me being the Janitor I would go for it. It should be the same for Les, if it means Michigan winning he would bolt. Well to be fair, I have never known what it's like to be an "LSU man".

4) If Bo was alive he wouldn't mind if Les didn't come back, and Les is fully aware of that. But it doesn't matter, it shouldn't affect his decision.

5) Saban left for money, Les will probably never leave for money, he's loyal to the LSU program, but Michigan is offering a lot more than just money.

6) It's a choice between the LSU loyalty and the Michigan dream, I feel for him, I really hope he would make his choice to come to A2 after LSU's season is over, but it's his choice, it's a kind of torment, and no one deserves such treatment. You got to know when a person is forced to make such a decision, even the toughest of men would break down.

7) As a michigan fan, I hope that he'll take up the offer, but if he doesn't, I will accept it, and wish him the best of luck in LSU. even Braylon would do "O-H-I-O". everyone has their own dreams to pursue.

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