Monday, July 02, 2007

The Good Ol' Days

Recently I went on digging around in my old computer. And then I found this screenshot from an old MMORPG that I have not been playing for more than a year, mostly due to school work, and being away.
Yes, you guessed it, my character is the chick in the middle

When I saw it, there's this feeling going through me, like 80% nostalgia, and 20% regret that I can't get to know more about my guildies. In fact, these 2 other "guys" were the first few guildies that I ever had in my life.

This game is called DO, but it is not my first MMORPG. My first MMORPG was Cronous, until it became pay 2 play when I hit level 42! !!. I was more of an introvert gamer that time, spending most of my time levelling. But it became different when i started playing DO. The players are different, I don't know how, but it happened to me that once I looked at the picture, I knew the player's names almost immediately.

my character putting an arm on his shoulder. It takes some skill to take screenshots like this! ;P
Then I saw this other screenie, the only other one I found lying around. The guildie I have in the picture was a 52 year old retired Vietnam veteran from the war (although his character don't look like it)., and hopefully he is a 54 year old one right now Well we kinda talked about the 911 stuff that went on like 2 years before i started playing the game. In that screen, as you may read the chat logs, he was teaching his son in RL how to make french toast. haha.. no one taught me how to make french toast, but I kinda learned it myself anyway. well, if u're wondering, his son played DO too.

Well, now, DO's server has already been closed down, and everyone else left for other games, WoW/Dota/GunBound/Lineage (if lineage is still there)/Maple Story etc. So, everything remains a memory. Who the people were behind the masks of their RPG characters will unfortunately remain unknown, but that was probably why I played so much MMORPG in the first place.

Editor's note: Yeah, and sorry because this is like my first "real" post since months ago.

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