Monday, June 26, 2006

Oh no! It's flooding!

Maryland, Pennsylvania and several other states seems to have some rain and flash flood problems. It just reminds me of Hurricane Katrina and New Orleans.

The question is, Is the worst really over?

with the polar caps melting at such a speed, water level rising, and 2005 being the warmest year in history, it wouldn't be surprising that floods are occuring everywhere. How afraid are we supposed to be? Be VERY afraid.

next time it could be you on the roof on all fours

With the sea level rising over 2 feet in length in the past 100 years, it isn't that hard to see that soon, we'll face a lot of problems (especially countries like Singapore :P the more they try to fill the land, the more they need to because of the sea level)

Even when everyone in the world is supposed to be stop the scenario that would be inevitable otherwise, people all over the world are still worrying about menial stuff.
- The U.S. senate is still fighting over when and how to withdraw from Iraq.
- People are still arguing over how terrible the referee is when he gave a dubious red card.

Note : They don't really matter because before you know it, you're going to be on the roof on all fours, but this time, there's really nowhere to run to.

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