Wednesday, June 21, 2006


"Dedicated to the ones who listens to ZONE because of their beauty instead of their talent."

I didn't realize people were so into Jpop until recently, an influx of people around me were trying to spread disbanded teenage band "ZONE" around my house. How annoying.

Annoying, as they're not really LISTENING to J-POP, it seems, that they're actually just admiring the performers. Although I can't call myself a big J-POP fan, I am actually pretty into listening J-POP, and used to listen to nice Japanese band music whenever I feel like it.

Something for you guys to listen to:

YUI - Feel My Soul


Khoon Yu said...

Nice Jap song.

JukeBox said...

hehe thx.

Jackson said...


Anonymous said...

Yo! Weibing!

I very like u!

J-pop rox!!!!!!!!!

And Yui rox!

I'm enthralled by her...
imagine...a pretty gurl who sings and plays guitar...oh...she captured my heart. Girls like that r the coolest!

Jes to tell u, i have ALL her album n singles!


-Peter Laguna

Anonymous said...

Oh ya...try her song 'Life' and 'Tomorrow's Way'!

- Peter Laguna

JukeBox said...

Yup, heard both. Very nice songs! thanks for the recommendations ;)

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